Asish Saha... an introduction

Ever since the time he can remember Asish Saha had always dreamt of becoming a photographer; and this childhood dream finally took shape into reality when he first made his foray into professional photography work about a decade back and gradually emerged as one of the ace lens-men to reckon with in the city of Kolkata.

Over the years Asish's penchant for his art has taken him places, yet he has remained true to his roots..." I am a Kolkata photographer.....", he says. True, even after the innumerable print ad shoots, commercial shoots, fashion shoots and other work that he handles through the year, one would often find him amidst the people of Kolkata, mingling with them and capturing their varied moods, emotions and activities.

Even nature stands stunningly captured through his lens...his eyes.

Asish is an endearing figure of honesty, sincerity and purity, and his work is nothing but a reflection of that.